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How to tonify the deficiency of the elderly body? Nourishing diet for the elderly in winter

How to tonify the deficiency of the elderly body? Nourishing diet for the elderly in winter. Tonic in winter is closely related to balancing yin and Yang, dredging meridians and regulating qi and blood. Due to the decline of body function and low resistance, the elderly are more suitable for dietary supplement in cold season. We introduce several winter tonic therapeutic formulas.

Tonic in winter should conform to nature, pay attention to Yang, and give priority to tonic. Winter 'food supplement' should be supplied with foods rich in protein, vitamins and easy to digest. Optional food: japonica rice, indica rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, peas and other grains and beans; Leek, coriander, garlic, radish, cauliflower and other vegetables; Mutton, dog meat, beef, chicken, eel, carp, silver carp, hairtail, shrimp and other meat; Orange, coconut, pineapple, litchi, longan and other fruits.

1. Stewed chicken with eucommia ulmoides

Ingredients: one tender hen, 20g Eucommia ulmoides and 5 pieces of ginger. Method: wash the chicken, remove the fat, add 250 grams of water into the saucepan, add Eucommia ulmoides and ginger slices, cover with stew, simmer and simmer for 4 hours. Features: tonic but not dry, suitable for senile diseases, weakness of Qi and blood, sour waist and cold limbs, postpartum weakness of women, etc.

2. Stewed pigeons with ham

Ingredients: 2 pigeons (large), 75g Jinhua ham, 50g mushroom, 150g lean pork, 5 pieces of ginger, appropriate amount of yellow rice wine and refined salt. Preparation method: wash the pigeon, scald it with lean meat in boiling water, put it into a stew pot, add 1000g ham, ginger slices, yellow rice wine and boiling water, cover it, and simmer over low heat in water for about 3 hours. Wash the mushrooms, soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, cut off the mushroom stalks, put them into the stewer, add 250g fresh soup, stew them over high fire for 30 minutes, season them with refined salt and eat them. Features: it has strong fragrance and rich nutrition. It should be used as tonic for patients with physical deficiency and fatigue and after operation.

3. Stewed mutton with Beiqi Dangshen

Ingredients: 500g mutton, 25g Beiqi, dangshen and ginger slices, and 10 black dates. Preparation method: cut the mutton into five large pieces, blanch it in a boiling water pot, remove it, rinse it with water, put it into a stewer, and spread ginger slices on the mutton. Wash and remove the core of black jujube, put it into the stewer together with Beiqi and dangshen, add 250g boiling water, cover and simmer for 1 hour. Season with refined salt when eating. Features: mutton warming and tonifying. Beiqi and dangshen have the effects of Tonifying Qi and blood, expelling cold and smoothing blood flow. They are the most suitable tonics for the weak who are afraid of cold. Xiaobian's recommendation: what do middle-aged men eat in winter?

People with weak Yang Qi who are suitable for Yang deficiency often have clear snot, cold hands and feet, clear and long urination, frequent nocturnal urination, loose stool and no Yang. People with such phenomena can stew cooked land, aconite, dried ginger, ginseng, mutton or dog meat. At the same time, you can also take Jinkui Shenqi Pill, Guilu Bushen pill, Shiquan Dabu pill, ginseng Dabu pill, etc. In order to generate Yang, dispel cold and build a strong physique.

Those who are prone to winter diseases should have some chronic diseases, which are easy to attack in cold winter and seriously affect people's health, such as chronic bronchitis, polyuria, chilblain, etc. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these are all diseases of deficiency of kidney qi and kidney yang. The best way to prevent and treat them is warming and tonifying. You can choose cooked aconite, cinnamon, Cistanche deserticola, hippocampus, dog kidney, ginseng, roasted licorice, medlar, etc. you can eat them often.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of how to tonify the deficiency of the elderly. More topics about tonic diet for the elderly in winter will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!