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How to arrange vegetarian food for the elderly?

How can the elderly arrange vegetarianism for the healthiest and longest life? Vegetarianism is a kind of diet, which refers to the behavior of not eating meat, fish, poultry and other animal products. For the elderly, it is good to eat more vegetarian food, but how to eat vegetarian food in order to live a long life? Here is an introduction to this problem.

Strictly speaking, vegetarianism refers to the prohibition of animal raw materials and the prohibition of "five spice" and "five meat" temple dishes and Taoist dishes. But for today's people, all the plants that grow from the land and water, and the food that can be directly used or processed by people, we can collectively call it vegetarian. For example, vegetables, fruits, bean products, gluten and other materials to make vegetables and other food.

It's right for old people to choose vegetarianism, but if they don't choose vegetarianism properly, they may have problems. As a living body, people need to take in all kinds of nutrients. Look at the nature. There are so many species. Simply eating green leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage is obviously not enough nutrition.

For those who use vegetarianism to slow down the aging process, it's better to choose more seeds, because any seed contains a complete life. Compared with vegetables, the nutritional value of seeds with the same volume is much higher than vegetables.

Seed food can be seen everywhere in our life, such as rice, flour, corn, Coix, millet, sorghum, beans; and potatoes that can germinate when buried in the ground, such as sweet potato, yam, potato, white radish, carrot, etc.

Vegetables need a lot of oil to make them delicious. Now there are a variety of edible oils in supermarkets, which are relatively cheap compared with the income of ordinary people, so it's not difficult to eat them. In the past, it was different. There was very little oil at home. Vegetables were boiled in water, not delicious at all. On the contrary, cereals and potatoes are rarely used in oil. They can be easily cooked, which makes the house fragrant and appetizing. Most importantly, they are more likely to be full than vegetables. For thousands of years, our ancestors used seed food as their main ration, and vegetables as their supplement.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of how to arrange vegetarian food for the elderly. More topics about health care will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!