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Drinking coke for a long time is not good for young people's health

It is not good for young people to drink coke for a long time. What harm does drinking too much Coke do to your health? Recently, the media exposed that preservatives are contained in the original liquid of coke. Many people are questioning whether preservatives are poisonous? Is drinking coke harmful to your health?

According to the data reported by the media, p-hydroxy in cola stock solution

The concentration of benzoate is 2.062 g / kg, while in the mainland food additive standard, the permitted dosage of this preservative in cola beverage is 0.2 g / kg. According to this standard, the concentration of cola stock solution does exceed the standard. However, because the stock solution has to be diluted before it can be sold, and it is more than 10 times diluted, the content of final product will not exceed the standard . So, can we just breathe a sigh of relief and believe that coke is not harmful to our health? Wait a minute. Because preservatives are not the only safety concern of coke, and the problem of carcinogenic by-products in caramel pigment has been questioned.

The dangerous black color of coke

The reason why Cola is so black is that it uses a large amount of caramel pigment, or even has no limit at all. This caramel pigment is not as natural as the color of fried sugar in our life. It is an industrial pigment produced by ammonium sulfite catalytic method.

Some experts in the United States doubt that the caramel pigment produced by this catalytic method is' quite unnatural ', which contains two carcinogenic by-products, namely 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole. On February 16 this year, several scientists in the United States discovered in two years of toxicological experiments that 4-MI can cause lung cancer in male and female mice and leukaemia in female mice. The study also found that 2-mi can cause liver cancer in male and female mice, thyroid tumor in male mice and precancerous lesion of thyroid in female mice. In rats, 4-MI resulted in abnormal proliferation of thyroid follicular cells in males and increased the incidence of thyroid cancer in females. Although the carcinogenicity of 4-MI remains controversial, these results are worthy of attention.

People who drink coke tend to have stones in their bodies

Hot weather is the season of high incidence of kidney stones and urethral stones. Men should pay special attention to drinking less cola and sweet drinks. Doctors and friends often talk about that many young people with kidney stone attacks have the habit of drinking instead of water. Coke contains phosphoric acid, and most sweet drinks contain phosphate, which can promote calcium excretion and increase calcium through the kidney. At the same time, drinking sweet drinks can also promote the increase of oxalic acid content in the body. Therefore, coke can not be ignored to increase the risk of kidney stones. In hot weather, drinking boiled water, mineral water and light tea should be the main way to replenish water. Never let drinking sweet drinks become the main way to replenish water. The most important thing to be careful is carbonated drinks dominated by cola.

What trouble will coke bring

Although coke and other carbonated drinks are not poisons and can not be drunk occasionally, it is quite harmful to people's health if they drink them regularly every day, especially if they drink more than one can every day. International investigations and studies have proved that sweet drinks may be related to obesity, diabetes, gout, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, infertility, premature aging and so on, while Cola has the strongest effect in hindering mineral absorption, and it is also related to dental caries, osteoporosis and other diseases.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the problem that young people's long-term drinking coke is not conducive to their health. Today we will introduce here. More topics about diet health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you a happy life!