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What should summer diet pay attention to? Summer diet

What should summer diet pay attention to? You must master the common sense of summer diet. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, which is suitable for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, and is prone to bacterial food poisoning and food borne infectious diseases. So what should we pay attention to in summer diet? How to 'eat' food more safely? Here are some common sense that should be paid attention to in daily life


Buy food to eat as soon as possible, do not store for a long time, try not to leave food. All fresh food raw materials and seasoning additives should be consumed within their shelf life.


The food should be cleaned thoroughly before eating, the food storage place, utensils and containers should be kept clean, and the raw and cooked food should be stored separately.

cold storage

Food conditioning and preservation should pay special attention to the temperature control below 7 ℃, and it is best to wrap it with plastic film when refrigerated to prevent cross contamination of food in the refrigerator.


Food should be steamed and cooked thoroughly before eating, especially seafood, such as Scapharca subcrenata, snail lion, turtle, bullfrog, etc.

Personnel hygiene

Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food. If there is a wound on the hand, it should be completely bandaged before preparing food (the wound should not be in direct contact with food).

Don't be greedy for cold drinks

Eating too much cold drink will dilute the gastric juice, cause the disorder of normal flora in the stomach, reduce the local resistance, and prone to diarrhea.

After reading the above content, what should we pay attention to? Common sense of summer diet? What should we pay attention to? Common sense of summer diet today we will introduce here. More topics about summer diet health will continue to be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!