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What does male eat harmful to health

The pressure that men face every day is very big, should take care of men's health, first of all, from the diet, what men eat is harmful to health?

White bread and candy taste good, but from a nutritional point of view, it is not the case. Why does zinc lose three-quarters in the process of processing whole wheat into refined bread? Zinc is very important for the cultivation of sexual desire and reproductive health. The highest level of zinc in the body is also in the prostate, a high zinc diet can help prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Soybean is rich in protein, but also has the effect of lowering cholesterol, which is very beneficial to the body. But recent research: soybean is a kind of food containing estrogen characteristics, excessive intake will improve the body estrogen level, thus affecting the male sexual characteristics. However, we should not overdo it. We should pay attention to the fact that it is "excessive". As long as we don't take in a large amount every day, we will not overdo it.

It may be masculine to eat a lot of meat, but the opposite is true. Red meat can't make you strong. Saturated fat and cholesterol make blood vessels narrower, including those that deliver blood to private parts. If there is insufficient congestion, how to lift them? Besides, these are small blood vessels, which are most easily blocked.