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How to eat healthy snack

Why do you always want to eat?

Shift workers often eat to pass boredom or fatigue, because it is difficult to find healthy food at night, so these habits can be a huge disruption to weight loss programs. And your body's instincts will also work against you: when you're sleep deprived, you're more likely to want to eat high-fat, high calorie foods. When you lack sleep, your body has a surplus of glucose, which can also lead to weight gain.

Healthy diet

Understanding these factors is the first step in sticking to healthy habits, and while there is no evidence of specific foods that help keep you relaxed, the best foods for shift workers, like anyone else, are those that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you don't get too full or hungry before you go to bed - it will keep you awake.

Coffee in advance

If you like coffee, try to drink it early at work. Why? A new study has found that taking the same amount of caffeine before bedtime is more damaging to people who sleep during the day than those who sleep at night.