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A week to clear fat to lose weight, let you thin up

Clear fat to lose weight, which makes a lot of fat mm very concerned, eat can eat thin? Of course, to see how to arrange a week's diet.


Breakfast: sandwich made of sliced whole wheat bread, tomato and cucumber, and a cup of fresh apple juice

Lunch: steamed fish, pickled pepper, agaric, pickled cabbage and vermicelli soup

Afternoon: a fresh orange

Dinner: congee with preserved cucumber and egg


Breakfast: skim milk and oats

Lunch: shrimp and tomato soup

Afternoon: an apple

Dinner: Celery congee with cold dishes


Breakfast: whole wheat bread + soybean milk

Lunch: steamed pumpkin and crucian carp soup with Tofu

Afternoon: a pear

Dinner: millet porridge with cold dishes


Breakfast: corn cake + fresh orange juice

Lunch: home made fish and vegetable soup

Afternoon: a cucumber

Dinner: low sugar eight treasure porridge


Breakfast: whole wheat bread and carrot juice

Lunch: agaric chicken, bitter bamboo shoot and sliced pork soup

Afternoon: honey pomelo 3 petals

Dinner: spinach congee with cold vegetables


Breakfast: skim milk and oats

Lunch: any time

Afternoon: Fruit Platter

Dinner: any (except fried food and high-fat food such as braised meat, cheese cake, etc.)


Breakfast: a glass of corn juice

Lunch: steamed fish and green bean pork soup with green pepper and diced chicken

Afternoon: Fruit Platter

Dinner: Asparagus and congee

Penny's favorite food is not greasy. Of course, I'm very happy to get this fat clearing recipe. One of the happy things is that these dishes are not as "devil" in the past recipe, and they are very relaxed. The other is that this recipe also solves a big problem in her daily life: ordering dishes. According to the recipe, you don't have to think about what to choose every day.