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Tonifying the kidney and eating more "black" food

black food can play a role in tonifying the kidney, so you can take more. Chestnuts: chestnuts are sweet and warm, with the functions of nourishing the stomach (/ invigorating the stomach (/ invigorating the stomach products)) and strengthening the spleen, kidney and sinew, promoting blood circulation, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Modern research shows that chestnut is a kind of dry fruit with more carbohydrate content, which can provide more heat energy. It is good for the body to resist the cold. Chestnut is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, niacin, vitamin (vitamin products, vitamin information) B1, vitamin B (vitamin B products, vitamin B information) 2, carotene, calcium (calcium products, calcium information) and other nutrients. Especially suitable for hypertension, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. We need to remind you that children's digestive capacity is poor and should not eat more chestnuts. Otherwise, it is easy to cause stagnation. In addition, chestnut has a high sugar content, so patients with diabetes (diabetes products, diabetes information) should not eat more. Black rice: black rice is sweet and warm. It has the functions of nourishing qi and blood (blood tonic products), warming stomach and spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, reducing stool, relieving cough and asthma. It is especially suitable for patients with weakness of spleen and stomach, asthenia of body, anemia and blood loss, palpitation and shortness of breath, cough and dyspnea, premature ejaculation, slippery essence, frequent urination, etc. Modern nutrition research shows that. Black rice is rich in protein (protein supplement products, protein supplement information) quality (protein products, protein information), starch, fat, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron (iron supplement products, iron supplement information), magnesium, zinc (zinc supplement products, zinc supplement information) and other minerals and natural melanin. It is the leader in cereal food. Black bean: it is sweet and has the functions of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the body, promoting blood circulation and benefiting the water, and detoxifying. It is especially suitable for people with kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency caused by low back pain, tinnitus can take 50 grams of black beans, 500 grams of dog meat, boil together, add a variety of seasoning to eat. In addition, soybean milk, bean curd and other bean products made of black beans are also the best food therapy products for patients with early white hair and hair loss caused by kidney deficiency. Black Sesame: black sesame is sweet and smooth. It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and moistening dryness. It is especially suitable for the middle-aged and old people (nutrition products for the elderly, nutrition information for the elderly) friends who have hair loss, hair whitening, dry skin (skin products, skin information), and constipation (constipation products, constipation information) caused by liver and kidney deficiency. Modern medical research shows that. Black sesame contains protein, fat, vitamin E (vitamin E product, vitamin E information), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, a variety of amino acids (amino acid product, amino acid information), calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements (microelement product, microelement information), which has the effect of delaying aging.