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Tomato is also known as longevity fruit. Eat more tomatoes to keep healthy

Tomato, also known as longevity fruit, eat more tomatoes to keep healthy. Do you know another name of tomato? It's called 'longevity fruit'. There is a reason why tomato can get such a good name.

Tomato, also known as tomato, has two nicknames in Europe. One is called 'love fruit'. It is said that a Duke of England who traveled in South America brought tomato back to his lover Queen Elizabeth. The queen loved it very much. At that time, the red tomato given by the Earl to the queen was just like the present red rose, which expressed the Earl's love for the queen, so tomato had 'love fruit' Hellip; & hellip;

Another name for tomato is longevity fruit. There is a reason why tomato can get such a good name

1. Tomato is rich in carotene, vitamin B and C, especially vitamin P, which ranks the first among vegetables. It contains vitamin C, sugar, rutin and other raw materials, which can resist scurvy, moisturize skin, protect blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and help digestion.

2. Lycopene contains vitamins and minerals that protect the cardiovascular system and can reduce heart attacks.

3. Lycopene has a special antioxidant capacity, can eliminate free radicals, protect cells, so that DNA and genes from damage, can prevent the process of cancer. In addition to the prevention of prostate cancer, tomatoes can also effectively reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and other cancers.

4. Tomato contains vitamin C, which has the functions and effects of promoting body fluid to quench thirst, invigorating stomach and eliminating food, cooling blood and calming liver, clearing away heat and toxin, and reducing blood pressure. It has a very good adjuvant treatment for patients with hypertension and kidney. Eat more tomatoes with anti-aging effect, keep the skin white.

5. Nicotinic acid in tomato can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice and the formation of red blood cells, which is conducive to maintaining the elasticity of blood vessel wall and protecting skin. Eating tomato can prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of the problem of tomato, also known as longevity fruit, eating more tomatoes to keep healthy. More topics about diet health will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!