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How does child anorexia appetizer invigorate the spleen?

Every autumn the weather turns cold, many children with weak body resistance are easy to catch a cold, have a fever, cough, irritability, etc. Therefore, this season to pay attention to the baby to wet, spleen. The following introduces several commonly used methods of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness (one person).

Dehumidification some children are thirsty after activities and feel cool and comfortable holding a cold drink. But drinking too many cold drinks can hurt the spleen and stomach. Heavy humidity, body feeling tired, children's tongue coating thick, poor spirit. The following methods can be used for conditioning: (1) 10 grams of lentils, 10 grams of job's tears, 15 grams of Huaishan, half a kilogram of lean meat, soup; (2) 10 grams of lentils, 10 grams of job's tears, kelp, half a kilogram of lean meat, soup; (3) 15 grams of eyebrow beans, 10 grams of job's tears, half a kilogram of lean meat, soup; (4) 10 grams of mianyinchen, crucian carp (about 400 grams), soup. These soups all have the function of dehumidification.

Due to the hot weather, children are prone to irritable mood, available Tongcao 5g, Cheqianzi 5g (Qinggan Mingmu), pig belly 1 / 4 ~ 1 / 3 soup.

Jianpi some children always have yellow face and white lips, which is the manifestation of spleen deficiency. Available TAIZISHEN 10g (Yiqi), Yunling 15g, Huaishan 15g, lentils 10g, soup. It has the function of strengthening spleen and stomach and removing dampness.

When cough damp heat causes virus infection such as thick, sticky tongue coating, cough, pneumonia and bronchitis, most of them are characterized by heavy moisture, fatigue and weakness. Can use job's tears 10 ~ 15 grams, wax gourd 10 ~ 15 grams, reed stem 10 grams, North and South apricot each 5 grams, soup.