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Let children develop good habits of using eyes healthily

Care hint: protecting eyes from myopia should start from childhood. The incidence rate of myopia in children has increased year by year in recent years, which has aroused the concern of the whole society. People always think that primary and secondary school stage is the high incidence period of myopia, in fact, this is also the best prevention period of myopia. If we master the opportunity and measure properly, the incidence rate of myopia will decrease.

Let children develop correct eye habits:

1. Reading time should not be too long every day. After reading for 1 hour, take a rest for 10 minutes;

2. The illumination light should come from the left side, and the brightness of 30-40w desk lamp is appropriate;

3. Develop good eating habits, correct partial eclipse, eat less candy and high sugar food, supplement protein, calcium, vitamin A, D, e and other nutrients, do eye exercises every night before going to bed, through self massage around the eye acupoints and skin muscle, strengthen the eye blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, and achieve the purpose of preventing myopia;

4. The reading distance is generally no less than 30cm;

5. Correct reading posture, do not sleep in bed, or read when walking or riding;

6. Actively participate in sports activities to ensure 8-10 hours of sleep.

It is a good way to prevent myopia to develop correct eye habits. Especially for teenagers, it is very important to do more outdoor sports to avoid eye fatigue.