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Benefits of baby drooling

Drooling is normal for babies. As a new mother, have you noticed that the baby's saliva is endless? What are the benefits of baby's saliva?

1. Lubrication

When the baby just long teeth, gingival tissue inevitably has swelling pain, and the tooth tip is relatively delicate, at this time the baby's saliva can play a role in lubrication, prevent the occurrence of inflammation around the teeth.

2. Cleaning effect

The saliva from Baobao can keep the mouth moist and clean. It can also clean the baby's new teeth and prevent the formation of tooth decay.

3. Facilitation

Saliva can promote the development of baby's taste buds, so as to improve the baby's appetite; it can also promote the activities of lips and tongue, so that the baby can speak as soon as possible; it can also promote the maturity and perfection of swallowing action.