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How do mothers give their children calcium?

Daily adhere to drink milk, eat calcium tablets of course can supplement calcium, but many people drink milk bloated belly, eat calcium tablets and old forget, how to do? Health magazine in Taiwan teaches you some tips on diet to help you supplement calcium for your child

Here are some tips for increasing calcium intake to help mothers provide calcium for their babies:

1. Increase milk or milk powder when cooking, and use frequency of dairy products: for example, when cooking seafood, meat and vegetables, you may as well add milk, such as cream cabbage, steamed eggs with fresh milk, fried fish with cheese and macaroni.

2. Use milk to make all kinds of snacks, such as steamed bread, cake, pudding, etc.

3. Milk can also be added to juice drinks. Such as papaya milk, strawberry milkshake.

4. Eating small fish with bone is also one of the best ways to absorb calcium. If you kiss the larva congee is a good way.

5. The content of calcium in shrimp and shellfish is not low. For example, shrimp skin is rich in calcium, but before cooking, it needs to be soaked in water to remove excess salt and impurities.

6. When cooking big bone soup and spareribs soup, you can add some vinegar or lemon to help dissolve the calcium to facilitate absorption.

Add a little salt to the fish and add a little salt to it.

8. Eat more dark green vegetables, seaweed, kelp and other fringes. If you can eat it with tofu, it will provide rich calcium. Only spinach and tofu should not appear in the same meal.

9. Don't underestimate black sesame, which is also rich in calcium.

10. Before cooking Lentinus edodes, let them bask in the sun to make them live.

The above information is expected to be helpful to you who read this article and to clarify some parents' ideas. There are many ways to supplement calcium, not only through the use of calcium tablets. I believe that as long as parents use more care, your child can grow as tall as a tree.