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Why is it easy for children to accumulate food

Children's anorexia is the most common, and parents are most concerned about. Why it is more common is because it has a certain relationship with the physiological and pathological characteristics of children.

First of all, children's stomach volume is relatively small, newborn stomach capacity in 30-60 ml, one to three months is 90-150 ml. Sometimes when you feed too much, it's easy to accumulate food. Secondly, the child's cardiac sphincter is more relaxed, easy to vomit or Yang milk. In addition, children's gastric acid and digestive enzyme secretion is relatively small, eat things are dependent on gastric acid and digestive enzyme digestion. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, children's spleen is often insufficient, children's digestion and absorption function is not very sound, relatively weak, a little improper diet and feeding, or other diseases will affect gastrointestinal function, the symptoms of anorexia.

In addition to these physiological function factors, there are also some parents' wrong behaviors in life, which can cause the children to accumulate food and anorexia. Because the baby has these physiological characteristics, we must pay attention to the regularity and restraint when feeding. We can't feed too much at one time. Nowadays, many parents, especially the elderly, are afraid that their children will be hungry. As soon as their children cry, they will give them food. It is easy to accumulate food. Children's stomach volume is so large, feeding more certainly do not like to eat, so improper diet feeding is the most common reason.

Another easy cause of food accumulation is that children's activity is relatively small. The amount of food is directly related to his activity, his mood and his metabolism. So you can't give him a subjective quantitative. This is also easy to cause accumulation of food.