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Health is the key of children's room decoration in summer

We know that decoration itself is harmful to health, especially in the decoration of children's rooms, health problems should be paid attention to first. Experts remind you that choosing professional children's paint to reduce the pollution caused by home decoration is the guarantee for children's healthy growth.

In the decoration of children's room, it is necessary to consider that children's skin is delicate, viscera and organs are in a period of rapid growth. Children sleep more than 12 hours a day, and the body's resistance to sleep is reduced to the lowest, while the body's growth and development are completed in sleep. The breathing volume is 50% higher than that of adults according to the weight ratio. Living environment is polluted, children's body is most vulnerable to harm in sleep. Therefore, environmental protection must be the first requirement of children's living room and activity place, and environmental protection must be taken as the decoration index when selecting coatings.

In the decoration of children's room, formaldehyde contained in paint and coating is the biggest killer of children's health and an important reason for children's leukemia and cancer. Formaldehyde in children's room exceeds five times, that is, there is a risk of leukemia. Children's coating experts suggest that professional children's paint should be selected to paint children's room, giving children all-round family protection.

In the building materials market, many of them are in the name of 'special paint for children's room', but what is not known is that a large number of 'healthy children's paint' products are still using colorants containing a large number of VOC and APEO compounds, which is harmful to human body, especially to pregnant women and children, and may even lead to fetal malformation, which is very unfavorable to the growth of children.