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Can ADHD cause distraction

It seems that many parents have such a problem. Their children are very smart, but they are very active. They don't pay attention to them in class. They also like their children to blink, frown, clear their throat and say dirty words. Experts remind parents to be aware of tic or tic with ADHD when observing their children's performance.

According to experts from Qingdao clinical base of China children's medical research center, tic and ADHD are two common behavioral disorders in children. Tourette's disease is a kind of functional defect of extravertebral system, which is mainly manifested as: from the eye muscle and facial muscle, blinking, shaking head, frowning, then shrugging, arm swinging, kicking, tummy bulging, or twisting limbs and trunk; Vocal twitch, children often involuntarily make 'hum', 'ah', 'cough' and other abnormal sounds, which are often reprimanded by adults as' pretending to be strange ', and when serious, they can't help but dirty words.

Among them, blinking and throat clearing are the most common first symptoms of TiC in children. These behaviors are repeated and can not be controlled. If they are not treated and mistreated, they will be gradually aggravated, and some of them will have secondary mental disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Children with tic and ADHD can't concentrate on the teacher's lecture in order to control their voice and twitch. Therefore, their academic performance is generally poor. Students, teachers do not understand the children will not like to go to school.

If not timely and effective treatment, children not only difficult to establish self-esteem, self-confidence, sound personality, some children to adolescence can also appear conduct disorders.