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Children should never sniff

When a child has a runny nose, instead of blowing it out, he will suck it back. Sometimes he will suck it in and spit it out of his mouth. What should he do?

Ear nose throat expert introduction: blowing nose is a kind of hygiene behavior, blowing nose can make nose ventilate, reduce the feeling of nose jam, also can avoid not blowing nose or sucking back nose, resulting in nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis and even throat, trachea infection, once nose enters esophagus, intestinal stomach absorption, also can cause digestive system diseases, such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, and then appear tired, sleepy Symptoms, which is very harmful to the growth and development of young people, mental and physical retardation, slow response, poor academic performance, compared with children of the same age, small and thin.

In addition, after rhinopathy, the secretion in the nose increases. If the nose is not blown out, the nose exists in the nasal cavity, forming nasal excrement, the child will buckle it with his hand, and the child's fingers are not clean. Once the nasal mucosa is damaged, rhinitis, sinusitis and nasosinusitis can be induced. The nasal vestibule is red and swollen, and the nasal cavity is dry, so it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to control the infection and avoid further expansion of the inflammation to the skull , life threatening.

The accumulation of secretions in the nose, the non ventilation of the nasal cavity, the poor drainage of the sinuses, the heavy nasal sound when speaking, the long-term non ventilation of the nose, the lack of brain support, lead to inadequate sleep, mental malaise, drowsiness, lack of concentration, children and adolescents, then affect the intellectual development, resulting in memory decline, slow response, olfactory decline and other conditions.