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Should child lack calcium after all complement vitamin?

Vitamin is one of the essential nutrients for children's normal development. Although it does not produce energy, it directly participates in metabolism and biochemical reaction in the form of many enzymes or coenzymes. It can be said that without sufficient vitamin intake, there will be no normal development of children, which also includes children's intellectual development.

General parents are worried about the lack of calcium, and know that calcium should be supplemented at the same time vitamin D, therefore, some parents give their children to eat cod liver oil or vitamin D. But too much vitamin D can cause adverse reactions, fever is one of the common symptoms.

Children's fever caused by taking excessive vitamin D has its own characteristics: the body temperature is higher at night than in the daytime, and the temperature change in 24 hours is more than 1 ℃; the temperature of limbs is obviously lower than that of the head and trunk; the face is pale, and the skin is less or no sweat; some children also have symptoms such as fidgety, thirsty, polyuria and anorexia. As a parent, once the child is found to have fever, take the child to the hospital for examination in time. If it is caused by excessive intake of vitamin D, stop supplementing vitamin D immediately, and the temperature can gradually return to normal. Finally, parents are advised that vitamin D and calcium supplements should be scientific and follow the doctor's advice.