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What does darling Yin deficiency fire flourishing eat? Children's deficiency fire reduction diet

What does darling Yin deficiency fire flourishing eat? Children's deficiency fire diet. Symptoms of the baby's yin deficiency and fire: more purple spots, bright red color, from time to time, often nosebleed, gum bleeding, accompanied by hot flashes, upset, thirsty, hand and foot heart heat, night sweats, red tongue, less moss, and fine pulse count.

Treatment: Nourishing Yin, reducing fire and stopping bleeding.

(1) Dan Pi Sheng Di BIE Jia Tang: 6 grams of Dan PI, 15 grams of Sheng Di, 25 grams of soft shelled turtle, fried in water.

(2) Stewed Agrimonia with water fish: 1 water fish, 6 grams of Agrimonia, 9 grams of Agrimonia, with appropriate seasoning. Wash the internal organs of the water fish, remove the residue from the fried soup of Xigen and Agrimonia, stew the water fish, and take it with seasoning.

(3) Maogen Shengdi cypress leaf soup: 30g Baimao root, 20g Shengdi, 12g Platycladus orientalis leaf, appropriate amount of sugar. Fried in water.

(4) Turtle shell dry lotus donkey hide gelatin soup: 15g turtle shell, 9g dry lotus grass, 9g donkey hide gelatin, appropriate amount of sugar. Decoct turtle shell and Clematis, remove the residue, add donkey hide gelatin and take it after dissolving.

(5) Egg Gardenia soup: 1 ~ 2 eggs, 10 grams of Gardenia. First boil the egg, remove the protein, and then fry the egg yolk and gardenia in water.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what the baby eats with Yin deficiency and fire prosperity. More topics about children's diet therapy for reducing deficiency and fire will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!