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How to nurse baby's skin in winter to prevent frostbite?

How to take care of your baby's skin in winter to prevent frostbite? Baby's skin is more likely to be affected by cold in winter. The auricle blood vessels are superficial, and the local blood circulation is poor, so it is not easy to keep warm. Therefore, how to prevent children's ear frostbite is very important for parents. How to prevent frostbite in children?

How to prevent frostbite in children? We need to do the following:

Pay attention to exercise at ordinary times, strengthen physique, improve the body's tolerance to cold.

※ severe frostbite should be treated in hospital immediately.

In the initial stage of chilblain, local hot compress can be applied. When the local area is seriously red and swollen or blisters appear, chilblain ointment can be applied. When the more serious frostbite has local exudation, choose antibiotic ointment, such as compound penicillin ointment, tetracycline ointment, etc. If necessary, systemic antibiotics should be used to prevent secondary infection of injured tissue.

※ wear warm clothes for children in cold seasons. When going out, wear ear muffs or scarves to keep the auricles warm.

When the auricle feels cold, it should be rubbed gently to increase local blood circulation, but pay attention not to use too much force or too much force to avoid secondary infection of abraded skin.

Parents should take measures to keep warm as soon as possible.