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What reason does 6 months darling not love to suckle?

What reason does 6 months darling not love to suckle? How does darling not love to drink milk to do? This problem has been bothering many young parents. Parents must first understand the baby's growth status and eating habits at all stages, in order to find out why the baby doesn't like to drink milk, and give the baby 'milk' according to the symptoms.

Babies don't like to drink milk after four months. Anorexia generally lasts for one to two weeks. The main reason is that the baby is gradually curious about the surrounding environment, distracted from feeding, inattentive, or tired of eating a single food. In addition, after 4 months, when complementary food is added, the baby may be 'happy with the new and tired of the old', that is, the baby no longer loves to drink milk. Mothers can find out the reasons for their own to solve the problem of how to do if the baby does not like to drink milk.

When the baby is four or five months old, the amount of milk he drinks begins to decrease and his appetite is poor, which makes parents worry about insufficient nutrition. In fact, this is often the baby's' tired of milk 'phenomenon, parents first do not worry, as long as carefully find out the cause of baby tired of milk, you can take appropriate countermeasures.

Reason 1: what to do if the baby doesn't like to drink milk

Methods: if it is a long tooth, you can use a large hole nipple to drink milk to reduce the pain caused by sucking. Or milk powder and cereal, rice flour and other food into a paste, with a spoon feeding.

Reason 2: what to do if the baby doesn't like to drink milk.

Methods: when feeding, the surrounding environment is best not to let the baby easily distracted noise, things, so as to concentrate on eating.

Reason 3: how to do if the baby doesn't like to drink milk? Leading factors: physiological milk weariness, bad appetite, milk weariness more than 2 months, weight, height dysplasia.

Methods: can supplement the baby special vitamin, or consult the doctor, whether to use the appetizer to adjust the gastrointestinal function, increase appetite.

Reason 4: what to do if the baby doesn't like to drink milk.

Method: do not force feeding, because the baby may have resistance. To provide complementary food, it is best to change different tastes with diversified food; And try to use natural flavor, do not add seasoning (within one year old).

How to solve the baby does not love to drink milk?

Many babies will experience a period of 'milk weariness' at about four months. There are many reasons. Most of them are due to the enhancement of the baby's activity ability during this period, such as turning over, lying down, reaching with hands or holding toys. In a word, the world is more colorful than before, which makes them dizzying and happy, so they are not willing to stay and eat milk honestly. There are also some babies because of long teeth, feeding let their gums ache. It is suggested that you wait patiently. Don't ask your baby to nurse and worry about it as soon as you are with him. This will also make your baby refuse to obey. Even if you don't feed, you should play with your baby more. Don't let your baby mistake you for an activity canteen. So relax, the baby slowly win back to your nipple, can alleviate the baby does not like to drink milk how to do.

How does darling not love to drink milk to do? Mothers also need to know that there will be a short period of anorexia when the baby is about four months old, that is, when the baby tells its parents that it is time to add non-staple food, the non-staple food that parents can prepare for the baby is: 0-6 months can supply the baby with wheat flour or malt flakes, willow juice, orange juice or tomato juice; Egg yolk paste can be supplied in 7-9 months; 7-9 months can supply egg yolk mud, vegetable mud, fruit mud, dried bread, meat mud or liver mud; 10-12 months can provide steamed whole egg, in addition to supplement nutrition for the baby, but also can train the baby chewing ability, and get used to solid food, so in time, the baby can be four months old, start to provide non-staple food.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the reason why six-month-old babies don't like to eat milk. More topics about babies don't like to eat milk will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!