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What is the correct method of eye drops for children?

What is the correct method of eye drops for children? In order to learn the correct eye drops for children, we must first understand the structure of the eyes. It is not related to the structure of the eye. Medically, the upper and lower eyelids are called the upper and lower eyelids. The surface of the eyelids is the same as the skin, but the inner surface structure is different. The inner surface of the eyelids is covered with a layer of mucous membrane, which is called the eyelid conjunctiva. This layer of mucous membrane turns downward in the eyelids and extends to cover the front of the eyeball. It is called the bulbar conjunctiva, and the part between the two is called the fornix conjunctiva. The cystic space formed by conjunctiva is called conjunctival sac.

Eye drops are commonly used for the treatment of superficial ocular lesions, such as conjunctivitis and keratitis. First of all, wash your hands and carefully check the name and concentration of eye drops. If the eye drops are discolored, turbid or beyond the limited period, they should be discarded. In case of suspension (such as cortisone eye drops), shake well before dropping. Take a sitting position, ask the elder to lean back and look up, pull the lower eyelid downward with his left hand, hold a dropper or eye medicine bottle with his right hand, drop the medicine into the lower fornix, then gently lift the upper eyelid to make the medicine mass in the conjunctival sac, dry the medicine with a dry cotton ball, and ask the sick child to close his eyes for 2 minutes, such as dropping atropine and other drugs, use a cotton ball to compress the lacrimal sac (inner canthus) for a moment to avoid taking medicine Flow into the nasal cavity, causing adverse reactions.

For infants and uncooperative patients, they should be in the supine position. One person should support the head and hands well, and the other person should operate. The operation should be light, especially for patients with trauma, postoperative and corneal ulcer. The dropper should be 1-2 cm away from the present fornix. Do not let the dropper touch the eyelashes and eyelid margin to prevent contamination of the liquid. When dropping suspension, shake well before dropping. This position is also necessary for children to apply eye ointment. Take a little eye ointment with a clean glass stick, remove the lower eyelid, put the glass stick parallel into the lower fornix, and then pull out the glass stick from the outer canthus. In order to give full play to the drug effect, cotton ball was used to gently rub the eyelid to make eye ointment spread all over the conjunctival sac. After the glass rod is used, the residual ointment should be cleaned, cleaned and disinfected before reuse.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of what is the right way to use eye drops for children. More topics about children's health will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!