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Attention should be paid to overcoming psychological barriers in twilight love of the elderly

Maybe many children can't accept their father or mother's Dusk love. The emergence of dusk love not only brings huge conflicts to their families, but also is not conducive to family harmony. At the beginning of Twilight love, the psychology of the elderly is also under great pressure. In order to pursue Twilight love, the elderly must overcome two psychological barriers!

One is the burden of negative psychology.

The so-called negative psychology means that a person has doubts, puzzles and vacillations about what he wants to do at the beginning, but can't act confidently. As a result, when the wind blows, people will have the idea of shrinking and wavering, and doubt themselves much more than others. It's only natural that old people want company. However, many children are particularly sensitive to their parents' remarriage and think from their own point of view, regardless of the feelings of their elders. Their excuse is usually 'children don't care for the elderly, but we don't want to have a stepfather (mother) to break into the life we are used to, so we will be more worried than happy. "Or" stepfather (mother) is to kiss again, how can there be children to kiss? "This makes many old people have to adopt" walking marriage "to provide for the aged because they take into account the opposition of their children. In this way, as much joy as trouble, the elderly and their children are not happy. It has the final say that it is not happy to be happy, but has the final say.

Since the elderly are not overindulgent or impulsive, they should be stubborn and choose the good and do what they think is meaningful to the end.

The second is self justification.

In psychology, Self Justification generally refers to a person in the face of a certain dilemma, to resolve the resulting anxiety and tension with a specific way of thinking. Self justification is also the pronoun of rationalization. Its advantage is to shift anxiety, and its disadvantage is to deny reality. The pursuit of love and marriage happiness of the elderly is the real emotion and satisfaction. However, in the face of many obstacles such as support after remarriage, division of property and communication between children, only when the elderly face them positively can they be worthy of themselves and their loved ones. But many old people in twilight love choose to escape because they are afraid of the conflicts after remarriage, and constantly comfort themselves with the idea that 'I do it for the sake of family harmony'. This is a typical way of self justification, although the result will be in exchange for a moment of calm, it is difficult to resolve the permanent missing. Since it is love, it should be bold to say it.

The "Twilight love" of the elderly is not afraid of failure, just afraid that they dare not let it succeed.