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How does old person leg ache do? Why can old person leg ache? What does leg ache eat?

Why does old people have leg pain? What should old people do? What is old people's leg pain? What should old people eat? As the saying goes, old people get old first. With the growth of age, all aspects of the human body's functions are gradually degenerating. Originally, the flexible and coordinated legs become clumsy and dull. When walking, they are a little inattentive, either stepping on the air or stumbling. A survey shows that leg disease has become a big problem for the elderly!

Do you often feel weakness, fatigue, cold and numbness in your limbs? Do you feel fatigue, soreness and pain in your calves or feet, and the pain will disappear after rest. Do you have persistent pain in your toes, feet or calves when you don't exercise? It is more severe at night, and you often sit in bed with your feet in your arms. If you answer "yes", it may be one of the following diseases: intermittent claudication, intermittent claudication of nerves, intermittent claudication of blood vessels, prevention and treatment of intermittent claudication, osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, etc.

Elderly leg pain is very troublesome, but it is not impossible to prevent. Pay attention to some small details in life, can effectively prevent the occurrence of leg pain.

Those who are affected by emotion and overwork will suffer from psychosomatic fatigue, such as headache, backache, weakness of limbs, poor energy, insomnia and so on. Among them, backache and leg pain are more obvious. This is due to the old people's muscle tension for a long time, accelerated metabolism and increased concentration of metabolite lactic acid in the blood, This requires the elderly to regulate their emotions and reduce their work.

People who wear flat shoes with caution will have degenerative aging changes in plantar muscles and ligaments, gradually lose the elasticity of the arch, and greatly reduce the ability to bear weight. Many elderly people are prone to pain in the hip, ankle and knee after standing for such a long time. If you often wear flat shoes, it will accelerate the loss of arch elasticity, more likely to cause foot and leg pain.

Because of the aging of joints and ligaments, the flexibility of the elderly is greatly reduced. Sitting on low stools and sofas for a long time, on the one hand, due to extreme hip and knee flexion, the pressure between the articular surfaces increases, which makes the degenerative joints hurt and cause pain; On the other hand, due to the obvious changes of posture and position when standing up, the joints between the lumbar vertebrae have abnormal activities or make the lumbar hyperextension, resulting in low back and leg pain. Therefore, it is suitable for the elderly to sit on a higher bench with a back, so that the hips and knees can naturally bend 90 degrees, and the upper body should sit straight. At the same time, the sitting time should not be too long. It is necessary to properly get up and move the legs and waist.

Pay attention to keep warm, most pain like hot not cold. Most of the elderly have mild or severe osteoarthritis. Heat can increase blood circulation and eliminate inflammation, while cold stimulation is the opposite. Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to keep warm in order to reduce the occurrence of pain. In high temperature weather, the use of air conditioning is easy to be stimulated by cold, special attention should be paid to take preventive measures.

Five ways to prevent leg aging

1. Stand on one foot for 10 seconds with your hands on the wall or table, 20 times alternately.

2. Hold the wall or table by hand, raise the heel, then squat for 5 seconds, make the chest close to the thigh as much as possible, repeat for 15-20 times, pay attention to the slow movement when squatting and standing up.

3. Hold the wall or table, kick your hips with your heels, alternate 20 to 30 times.

4. Sit on the sofa or chair, press the knee and hip, hold the middle and upper part of the leg with both hands, make the thighs separate and close, make the hip abduct as far as possible, do 10-20 times.

5. Lie on the bed, bend the hip and knee of the left leg as far as possible, hold the lower limb with both hands, make the knee joint close to the shoulder of the same side as far as possible, stay for 3-5 seconds to recover, alternate left and right, 20-30 times.

After reading the above contents, we should have some understanding of why the elderly have leg pain? What should we do with the elderly? What's the matter with the elderly's leg pain? Today we will introduce here. More topics about the elderly's health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. I wish you good health!