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Please don't blame dementia

If a person has dementia, such as emotional, psychological, cognitive and behavioral problems, it is usually thought to be caused by dementia. Other possible causes of these problems are often overlooked, such as depression, anxiety or alcohol abuse.

'grandma has always been very sad recently. '

'of course, she has Alzheimer's disease. '

'grandfather has been annoying lately. '

'it's Alzheimer's disease. '

'uncle doesn't enjoy life as much as he used to. '

'what's in doubt? He has Alzheimer's disease. '

'mom doesn't eat much recently, doesn't take medicine on time, and doesn't exercise much. '

'that must be because of Alzheimer's disease. '

This is not necessarily the case. If we attribute everything to dementia, it will prevent us from finding out what's going on, and we won't be able to really do something that will improve our situation.

People with dementia experience emotional problems just like anyone else, and they are more likely to have emotional and psychological problems. These mental disorders, like dementia, can lead to cognitive decline and memory loss.

Unlike dementia, there are effective treatments for depression and anxiety. If cognitive and memory decline is caused by depression or anxiety, these functions can be restored by treatment. What needs to be clear is that the treatment of depression and anxiety can not recover the part of cognitive and memory loss caused by dementia, but effective treatment of these symptoms can improve the overall cognitive and memory ability of patients, thus greatly improving the quality of life of patients.

The most important thing is to understand: first, dementia patients have the same meaningful past as normal people, personal interests, personal desires, as well as the need for dignity and respect. 2、 Behavioral problems are often magnified in the eyes of onlookers. The more you understand and tolerate these behaviors, the better you can help people with dementia live a better life.

Grandma is sad? Grandfather is annoying? Maybe it's because they have depression, and if so, they can benefit from treatment. Maybe she felt lonely, maybe he felt that he was always taken care of like a child, maybe there were other reasons. So please don't always jump to the conclusion that it's due to dementia.