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The treatment of senile dementia needs family care

The treatment of Alzheimer's disease needs the care of the family. Senile dementia is not a normal aging reaction, but a symptom of a disease. According to medical research, there is no specific drug and treatment for Alzheimer's disease, that is to say, Alzheimer's disease can not be cured so far.

Therefore, for Alzheimer's disease patients, in addition to the necessary drug treatment, our family treatment and care is also very important.

So in this case, patients' families should patiently listen to them and communicate with them more. But also carefully observe the patient's condition. Family members or caregivers should make careful arrangements for patients with Alzheimer's disease, adjust their home environment, minimize their dysfunction, give more support, encouragement, care and consideration to patients, so as to maintain a dignified life in their old age.

The most important thing to take care of Alzheimer's patients is to have "three hearts", that is, love, care and patience. Alzheimer's usually begins in later life. As a result of brain function and intelligence damage, memory gradually decline, and affect daily life. Common problems such as unable to deal with cumbersome affairs, financial management, cooking, random placement of items, etc., serious may be lost in familiar environment.

In addition, the patient's language ability gradually declined, and the language became repetitive and unable to understand the content of communication. If the pressure of life, emotional distress, more likely to appear personality change. People with Alzheimer's will eventually lose their ability to take care of themselves.