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How to control high blood sugar in 80 year old people

The standard of blood glucose control for the elderly has always been a matter of great concern and controversy. Does it matter if the old people's blood sugar is around 7 mmol / L? Do you need treatment?

Experts pointed out: Generally speaking, hyperglycemia should be controlled, but for the elderly over 80 years old, blood glucose control should not be too active. Generally speaking, 80 year old people's fasting blood glucose does not exceed 7 mmol / L, glycosylated hemoglobin is below 7.5%, it is not necessary to treat. However, if it obviously exceeds the standard, it should be actively controlled so that the fasting blood glucose is not higher than 10 mmol / L, the blood glucose of 2 hours after meal is not higher than 15 mmol / L, and the glycosylated hemoglobin is lower than 8%. At least blood sugar doesn't keep rising. Otherwise, high blood glucose, such as fasting blood glucose more than 15 mmol / L, is easy to induce acute hyperglycemia and related events.

When the elderly patients with diabetes receive treatment, we must prevent hypoglycemia. Therefore, diet control should not be too strict. Most elderly people generally guarantee 4-5 two staple foods every day. On this basis, the blood sugar is still not up to standard, and the hypoglycemic drugs can be taken according to the body shape of the patients, the type and degree of hyperglycemia. The elderly who are particularly emaciated or hyperglycemic or have other serious complications can be treated with insulin, and their blood glucose can be monitored regularly or at any time when necessary.