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What are the three unsuitable exercises for the elderly in summer

In the early morning of summer, many old people will be found exercising in the park and on the roadside. The purpose is to exercise and prolong life. However, sometimes improper methods will lead to serious threats to the health of the elderly. What are the three major disadvantages of summer exercise for the elderly?

Not empty

It is hot in summer. When exercising, the human body sweats a lot and consumes a lot of water. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement enough water and salt in time to keep the balance of water and electrolyte. Before exercise, it is best to drink some salt boiled water or mung bean soup, which can not only replenish water, but also help clear away heat and heat.

It's not suitable to show off

The place of exercise should be in the shady area with trees, not under the sunlight, not even naked. When you feel too hot and sweating, you can appropriately reduce the intensity of exercise, slow down or take a rest. Never take off your clothes and let the cool wind blow directly to your body. Otherwise, you will be easily attacked by pathogenic wind.

Don't be 'excited'

Old people have poor adaptability to high temperature environment and weak tolerance. They must do according to their ability and step by step in order to be comfortable. They should not be arrogant and should not be fierce and lasting. Generally, it is advisable to do some soothing activities, such as walking, Taijiquan, radio exercises, etc. Practice has proved that intense exercise will not only consume a lot of physical strength and energy, but also easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.