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How to coax the elderly with "generation separation"?

In recent years, China's population structure, like many developed countries, has entered an aging society. According to the statistical bulletin on the development of China's aging cause, in 2009, the population of the elderly aged 60 years and over in China has reached 167.14 million, accounting for 12.5% of the total population, and is rising every year. Behind this data is how to ensure that the elderly live a happy and healthy life. Take 'generation separation' as an example, how to use the relationship of family members to guide and comfort the elderly?

1. Emotional interaction: when children grow up, they tend to choose to move out to their own small days, and the number of empty nesters is increasing, followed by a sense of loneliness and nothingness. Therefore, young parents should take their children back to have a look, and even let their parents help them properly, so as to increase the interaction between grandparents and grandchildren, which not only enables the children to experience more love, but also enables the elderly to enjoy the warmth of family and emotional needs, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone, but the energy of the elderly is limited, so it is forbidden to entrust the children to the elderly.

2. Maintain dignity: in view of the unique sense of aging and role crisis of the elderly, children should pay attention to maintaining the face and dignity of the elderly, especially when facing the problem of grandchildren control. The grandparents will protect their grandchildren for no reason out of love. Young parents should not rush with the old man in person, contradict the old man, or even scold the old man for spoiling their children. It's better to explain the situation to the old man calmly, so that the old man can understand the situation, and speak soft words according to the old man's will. In fact, the old man is very easy to coax, as long as the right way is used.

3. Always remember: due to the reduction of their own sense of value, the most afraid thing for the elderly is to be abandoned and forgotten, which requires more efforts of their children and grandchildren to resolve the old man's insecurity. More parents are hung in the heart, especially in some traditional festivals. We should take the initiative to reunite with our parents and often bring some fragmentary things to our parents, preferably in the name of our grandchildren, because the expectations of the old people for our grandchildren are different from those of the women. If our grandchildren give us a little honey, we can feel the heart of the old people and the family's attention and filial piety.

4. Activate mentality: as the saying goes, "there is an old man at home, if there is a treasure", harmonious family relations not only make the old man maintain a good mental outlook, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of the old and make them younger. Therefore, the elderly should be actively involved in family activities, such as the Spring Festival Gala program compiled and directed by the family, and the family going out to enjoy the spring. In fact, many old people choose to stay at home, not because they don't want to go out, not because of their health, but because their children and grandchildren take it for granted that the old people like quietness, but in fact, the old people are more eager to integrate into the family, especially their beloved grandchildren.