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Deafness makes old people more lonely

Old age deafness is caused by the aging of the auditory system. Because it affects the language communication and psychological feelings, it brings many inconveniences to the life of the old people, thus affecting their physical and mental health, and even their life span.

Grandpa's ears are bad, and he's talking less

'grandpa's body is OK, but his ears don't work very well. He often speaks loudly and repeats it many times. Now, we seldom talk with his old man at home. Sometimes we feel lonely looking at Grandpa, but it's very difficult to communicate with him, so we don't talk to him very much. "Yesterday afternoon, when Xiaobian visited the otolaryngology department of the hospital, he happened to meet Xiaole and his father to come to see the old-age deafness with his grandfather, Xiaole said to the doctor.

I don't know where I saw such a saying: a healthy old man should have a sense of security, stability, adaptability, autonomy, happiness, identity, trust and comfort. However, presbycusis can make the "eight senses" of the elderly suffer a strong impact.

For example, due to hearing impairment, the elderly are afraid of suddenly breaking into the bad people without knowing, lack of sense of security, and often locked the door when they are alone at home: because they can't hear clearly, their emotions are not stable, they feel that their autonomy is threatened and they are stubborn; they are also inevitably suspicious because they feel the threat of recognition and trust.

In the old age, the function of all organs will decline, so will the auditory organs. However, don't think that the old deafness belongs to the "natural law" and ignore the concern for parents' hearing impairment. Be careful that there are other diseases hidden behind it.

Also a pair of healthy ears for the elderly can not make them feel lonely