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Simple exercise for the elderly

It's a simple exercise for the elderly. What kind of exercise is suitable for the elderly morning exercise? Many elderly people like to get up in the morning exercise, which can not only kill time but also regulate their physical and mental health. Here we recommend simple exercises suitable for the elderly morning exercise.

1、 Get up

After getting up in the morning, after washing and gargling, stand with a slight smile, feet shoulder width, upper body relaxed, lower body part squatted slightly, toes gently grasps the ground, eyes overlooking.

2、 Head movement

Use your head as the nib and shake it to write "longevity". Then make the head circle around the two words, first clockwise, then reverse direction, the above action should be slow, about 2 minutes. (extended reading: how to prevent cervical spondylosis)

3、 Chest expansion

Standing position unchanged, legs slightly bent, arms by chest flat bend forward flat lift (Palm fingertips forward), head down with chest. Then straighten your legs, swing your arms back to the side, and hold your chest up. Bend and extend the legs once, bend the arms horizontally in front of the chest and vibrate back once (boxing heart downward), and then retract. The time is about 1 minute.

4、 Cross your palms

Standing posture unchanged, two hands droop, two palms cross, palms to the abdomen, and then two arms to the outside open, open range to their own natural degree, speed is not fast, open the arm, then close the arm, make two palms back to cross, time about 1 minute.

5、 Draw a circle with two palms

The two palms are about 10 cm apart. Keep this distance. The height of the two palms is level with the waistband. Keep the distance between the two palms unchanged. Then the upper arm drives the arm to circle. First, draw a circle slightly to the left side of your body, 20 circles clockwise and 20 circles counterclockwise, then turn your body to the right side, and continue to draw a circle 20 circles clockwise and 20 circles counterclockwise as mentioned above.

6、 The method of expanding chest with bow step

One foot in the front, one foot in the back, in a lunge like stance, and then two arms extended, palm slightly hold hollow fist, and then do two arms open and close chest movement, the movement is slow, at the same time, the two ankles and lower limbs cooperate with the opening of the upper limbs, the two feet forward and backward flexion and extension movement, so that the upper and lower limbs and ankles get exercise. After finishing, two feet exchange, carry on the chest expansion activity again.

7、 Relax and organize and finish

The method is to rub both hands, especially Zusanli (located under the patella of knee joint, in the lateral depression of patellar ligament), Yongquan (plantar, five toes bending, central depression) and Yongquan (about one minute).

After reading the above content, you should know something about the simple movements suitable for the elderly morning exercise. More topics about the health of the elderly will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!