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How does the child's sexual psychology develop?

How to explore the development of children's sexual psychology? Many scientists have shown that infants do have sexual desire, which is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon.

From birth, babies have organs that can make their bodies feel comfortable. They get physiological comfort from limited activities. Since then, the concept of sex has been gradually formed.

However, due to the adults' habit of confusing sexual desire with reproductive nature, and the sexual repression caused by certain cultural atmosphere, the sexual desire of infants has not been given due attention in the past. In recent years, psychologists, physiologists, psychoanalysts and educators in the world have done in-depth research on the sexual consciousness of infants. The development of children's sexual psychology from cradle to childhood and adolescence is generally divided into four stages: lip stage, anus stage, penis worship stage and sexual silence stage (incubation period).

Lip stage: the baby's lips and mouth are the parts where they get strong pleasure. The feeling of the lips is extremely sharp. When they come into contact with the mother's nipple, the baby will feel happy. Modern medicine through a variety of instruments, you can see the fetus sucking fingers in the uterus, the baby sucking in the performance of happiness and satisfaction is very obvious. Mothers usually hold their children tightly in their arms, while feeding, gently shaking, whispering and whispering. The baby will experience a kind of care and establish optimism, self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, the significance of breast-feeding is far greater than that of nutrition. When children find that their mouth can bring them pleasure, they put their fingers and things they can take into their mouth. Even if they don't eat, it will bring them a pleasant feeling. Of course, it is worth noting that what children put into their mouth must be clean and safe.

Anal period: the child enters this stage at about one and a half years old. During this period, the excretion activity of the body became the main aspect of children's pleasure. It has been observed that girls about one year old often laugh when they urinate, which may be caused by the pleasure of the vulva caused by urination, while boys pay more attention to the pleasure caused by the actual action when urinating. At this time, parents should gradually cause their children to learn how to control their own defecation, go to the toilet to excrete, do not let it do, without any control, otherwise, when they grow up, it will affect their children's self-control and desire for success; Train them patiently and happily. The rude and quick way will make the child feel that his body and all his functions are formidable and despicable. Even when he is an adult, he will think that his sexual desire is evil and form a deformed sexual repression psychology.

Penile worship period: with the development of the body, after about three years old, children will find that the best feeling of the body is the reproductive organs. Early childhood is the second period of intense change in one's life, the period of children's curiosity, the stage of children trying to be independent, but it is also the stage of almost always being suppressed, forbidden or punished by their parents. When children caress their sexual organs, many parents will sternly rebuke and say: 'don't do this! "This fussy attitude of parents will arouse children's greater interest. Parents' scolding and punishment may make children develop a sense of guilt about their sexual organs from an early age. In fact, the child needs our support and guidance more than ever. Therefore, parents should tolerate and respect the child, seriously explain the sexual problems, and educate the child according to the situation. Like other organs, they should tell him the names of body parts in a peaceful manner, so that he can understand that they are all part of human physiology. When the child touches the sexual organs, they should tell him that there are bacteria on his hands You should not touch it like you don't suck your fingers or rub your eyes. Then tell a story, play games with him and other ways to divert the child's attention and interest, the child's touch of sexual organs will gradually reduce.

At this stage, the child finally decides whether he is a boy or a girl. When children find that boys and girls have different physiological structures, it's a good time to reason with them. We must not conceal sexual differences or reprimand them for being "talkative" or "nonsense". When children show curiosity and ask questions about sex, there is no reason why we should not answer their questions in a straightforward, frank, natural and concise way within the scope of children's understanding.

Sexual silence stage (incubation period) when children grow up to preschool, with the expansion of their social and social knowledge, children's interest expands to other mysteries and knowledge. At this time, because of shyness, children often don't take the initiative to ask questions that are worried about being ridiculed. However, their sexual curiosity must be satisfied. Parents' responsibility is to have more two-way communication with their children It's the transition to adolescence and preparation. If you find that boys and girls have abnormal behavior together, you should talk about it with your children in private and tell them that it's not allowed, hope I hope he will ask his parents about things he doesn't understand in the future, and never cross examine and scold his children in public. A calm attitude can not only restrict his children's sexual experiments, but also don't hurt his children's understanding and interest in sex in the future.