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What do you care most about subconsciously?


At the beginning of the game, the protagonist is required to play a role in a certain profession. In the following professions, what do you want to choose most?

A。 Soldier B. magician

C。 Monk D. Street artist E. businessman

Answer analysis

Option A: being strong is the center of your desire. Hate their own original weak, want to be strong in spirit and body, and hope to be a person. It's a very dominant type.

Option B: self esteem is the center of your desire. No longer forced to smile for others, trying to live in their own space. In order to have their own world, it doesn't matter if they are alone. Is it necessary?

Choice C: fraternity is the center of your desire. Although loneliness can be tolerated, in your heart you still strongly hope to get other people's care and love. Because you are full of sacrifice spirit, so, if you want to get other people's care, you should first care about others.

Choice D: fame is the center of your desire. You are the type of person who has no confidence to communicate with others. If you are worried about having no friends, it's easy to put down your airs and open your heart.

Choice e: reality is the center of your desire. When you are pursuing your ideal, you may not want to see the real world immediately. However, due to your indomitable spirit and inexhaustible strength, you often move forward without hesitation.