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Generally speaking, the relationship between husband and wife starts from silence, and communication

Silence is the biggest crisis of husband and wife's feelings, and proper argument is beneficial to enhance husband and wife's feelings.

In the eyes of many people, couples who never argue are model couples. But from the psychological point of view, the appropriate argument between husband and wife is conducive to the couple's feelings.

Because proper argument is at least a form of communication, which means that there are still 'relationships',' connections' and 'care about each other' between husband and wife, rather than 'strangers'. What's more, couples who can fight will not unconsciously alienate each other, or deliberately keep a distance from each other to avoid harm. They will say that they can deal with emotions at any time, so as not to accumulate and intensify conflicts.

In fact, the biggest emotional crisis between husband and wife is to keep silent and suppress their emotions when there are conflicts. As a result, the conflicts accumulate deeper and deeper, the feelings become more distant, and finally develop to the point of uncontrollable. In addition, a person's understanding of things may have great limitations, and his opinions are bound to be one-sided. Only by properly arguing between husband and wife, can we argue more clearly and reason more clearly, which is not only conducive to the resolution of contradictions, but also deepen the feelings between husband and wife.

Of course, there should be certain principles in the argument, such as grasping the appropriateness and scope of the argument, not harming each other's personality and self-esteem, and avoiding the escalation of contradictions; after each argument, husband and wife should communicate and show love; don't argue like adults scolding children, but treat each other as equal adults; The outcome of the argument should be subject to the reasonable party, rather than making a fuss.