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Who is the man you love most subconsciously?

Test who is the man you love most subconsciously? What kind of man do you like subconsciously? What kind of man can attract you most? Let's do a test together to test who is the man you love most subconsciously?

If you have a dream, there will be a handsome man dating you. What do you want him to look like?

a。 A man in a black suit and dark sunglasses.

b。 The man in a leather jacket, surprisingly, is still holding a gun at you.

c。 Wearing casual clothes, wearing glasses, like a student like man.

d。 Just came back from swimming, wearing only a pair of swimming trunks, still holding a life buoy in his hand

a。 You like to be older than yourself and have a little Oedipus complex. If you want your lover to dress up like this to date with you, it shows that subconsciously, you will prefer those men who are stable, mature, calm and orderly. Especially like those who can give your father and Brother feeling of men, you hope to get from your lover as father and brother care, because you are a weak heart, lack of security woman.

b。 You like the appearance of the more 'cool', easy to be attracted by each other's appearance. If you want to date such a man, you should be careful. It shows that you are easily seduced by sex. Because the other side is not only cool, but also holding a gun. You know, in the analysis of the dream, the gun is the symbol of male genitalia, which means that the image of your favorite lover is cool and has strong vitality, and it also implies that you have a desire for sex. Therefore, in real life, you will be more likely to fall in love with men with good appearance and strong power, and it also implies that you are a little girl, so when you are in love, you should pay attention to control yourself properly.

c。 You are more eager for a knowledgeable man with rich knowledge. Even if his body is not strong enough and his external image is not rigid enough, you pay more attention to his brain and wisdom. You think that a man with weak appearance and rich inner learning is far more attractive than a man with developed limbs and simple head. Therefore, in real life, if a gentle and elegant boy pursues you, you are more likely to be excited.

d。 You are very interested in both civil and martial arts and good health. I hope the other party is a man with health and wisdom. Although you want your date to dress up so sexy and show her strong chest muscles, it doesn't mean that you are a little girl. In fact, in a dream, naked body is often a metaphor for physical health, while the lifebuoy in his hand is a symbol of rationality, which shows that the lover you want is smart, rational and healthy. Therefore, when you choose a lover, you will unconsciously examine the other party's comprehensive conditions, and all aspects will be taken into consideration, hoping to find an excellent man with all-round development.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of who is the man you love most in your subconscious mind. Today, we will introduce you to who is the man you love most in your subconscious mind. More topics about psychological testing and health will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!