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Unscramble four kinds of psychological diseases that make women perplexed

Health tips: women are creatures made of water. They are sensitive and sentimental in nature. They are more truthful and suspicious of things they encounter in daily life and work, which can easily lead to psychological distortion. Here are some common female psychological diseases. Do you have them?

1. Hysteria

Hysteria, also known as hysteria, is mostly caused by strong mental stimulation, psychological injury leads to brain disorder, showing psychological abnormality. Women with hysteria showed vague consciousness, burst out crying and laughing, and gibberish. When the reaction is strong, grab your hair, tear clothes, rap, abuse, roll, hit the wall, recklessly.

Who mental health experts pointed out: people have their own specific personality. Different personality, not only related to their own life, study and work, and often with mental illness has a close relationship.

2. Neurasthenia

Neurasthenia is a disease of brain high-level nervous system disorder caused by long-term excessive tension, heavy ideological burden and other negative emotions and extreme fatigue. The abnormal psychological manifestations of neurasthenia are: frequent headache, dizziness, irritability, excitability and fatigue, difficulty in falling asleep at night, listlessness, difficulty in concentration, memory decline, emotional excitement, etc.

3. Depression

Anyone can be entangled with the disease because of various factors. The complication of depression is usually caused by several physiological and environmental factors. In addition to psychological and environmental stress, patients with depression also fall into depression because of insufficient serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

In the past, the burden and pressure of mental illness on society or individuals were often ignored. But at present, mental illness, including depression, has seriously affected the global community. If people are still unwilling to face and face up to the damage that depression can cause, it will be easier for the disease to take advantage of and erode the helpless and push them into the abyss.

This disease is a neuropathic reaction caused by long-term depression and anxiety. It has the following characteristics:

1. Physical and physiological adverse reactions, such as lack of appetite, insomnia, easy fatigue, some appearance slightly hunchback posture;

2. Negative reactions of cognition and motivation, such as low self-evaluation, self denial or self distortion, always think that life is hopeless and lack of initiative;

3. Negative emotional reactions, such as depression, apathy, crying, more sad

4. If you have delusions and suicidal thoughts, you always feel that your existence is worthless.

4. Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is in the family life or work frustrated, relatives died, interpersonal conflicts and other strong psychological factors. Abnormal psychological manifestations of patients are: heavy mood, lack of sense of security, always feel that others are endangering themselves, often anticipating that the worst will happen, there is a sense of impending disaster, and often upset, fidgety. At the same time, accompanied by autonomic nerve dysfunction and somatic symptoms. Such as numbness of fingers, cold limbs, chest pressure, loss of appetite, burning stomach, etc.

If you have the mild symptoms mentioned above, it is recommended to try to relax yourself and create a good living condition for yourself.