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Cultivate children's mental health from language

Parents and friends may not know, sometimes you inadvertently say, will have a great impact on the child's psychology, how to cultivate children's mental health? Experts point out that it is very important for children's language.

'mom loves you, but mom doesn't like it. '

As a parent, you can't help blaming your children sometimes. At this time, the most important thing is to separate the thing itself from the person who does it - so that the child will know that he has done a No

Good thing, but it doesn't mean you're a bad person.

By criticizing your child and telling him that his mother loves you, you can also remind yourself that the purpose of criticizing a child is to help him distinguish between right and wrong, not to punish him.

'Try to help me solve this problem. '

This is a magic sentence. It can make the child feel that his behavior is welcome and respected, so that he can not see you as his opposite.

'make your own decisions. '

If you want your child to do something, or stop doing something, you are advised to say so. You can say to your daughter and her partner, 'are you going to decide whether you want to stay here and play quietly, or go outside?' "five minutes later, the children are still making a lot of noise

You can tell them, 'I see. It seems that you have decided to go outside. '