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How to carry out psychological nursing for senior three students

Senior three is dark, but after the dark is bright, facing senior three, students' psychological pressure is very big, how to help senior three students overcome difficulties? How to carry out psychological nursing for senior three students?

Senior three is a special period. The world is generally dark in senior three. The brain nerves are tired and confused, the biological clock is twisted in disorder, and the body and mind are too busy to feel dark every day. Bid farewell to my favorite basketball court and leave the attractive TV set. There will be dozens of test papers and stacks of straw paper, which will make your back to the ceiling and face to the desk all day. As long as life goes on, we have to struggle more than ever; as long as the college entrance examination is not finished, we have to keep doing the questions. It's very hard, it doesn't matter, this is senior three; very tired, it should be, this is senior three; if you want to be lazy, you have no chance, this is senior three.

Confused: always unable to clearly understand their own status quo, in a state of no goal, no plan.

Nietzsche's words are very reasonable: "people need a goal, people would rather pursue nothingness than nothing. Students, if you don't know where you are going, no matter which direction the wind blows, it will not be a favorable wind for you.

Only when the goal is clear, can we have hope and perseverance, just like a bright lamp in the distance in the long night, let us know our position and direction. A clear goal gives us a clear choice, no matter how high it is. At any time, we should focus on this goal, use it to motivate ourselves, and let it be a permanent power. For example, you decide a city you like to live in, a school you like to go to, and a major you like to learn, and then use this year to work hard.