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How to cultivate a child with mental health

Caring for children's healthy growth is not only physical health, but also mental health. So how to cultivate a child with mental health? Let's listen to experts' introduction.

We want to cultivate children with mental health. We need to know how mental health is realized. There is a concept of mental health. The so-called mental health is to maintain and improve healthy psychology through various education and specific measures, so as to adapt to the current and developing social conditions, so as to keep the psychological, physiological and social functions in a good or perfect state.

It is the task of mental health to cultivate children with mental health. Today, the Communist Youth League Committee asked me to give this lecture here, which is the intervention measures of mental health. In this lecture, I can talk about some educational principles and specific measures, so that you can educate your children and cultivate their healthy psychology.

What is a healthy psychology? It is to be able to adapt to the current and developing society, not to let children do the things in front of them, but also to adapt to the development and changing society. Children go to kindergartens when they are young, go to school when they are older, and then go into social work, fall in love, get married and have children. This life is changing. It depends on whether the children we train have the ability to adapt to the current environment and development and change and adapt to the future.

We can roughly divide the development of children and adolescents into five stages: 1. Infancy; 2. Early childhood; 3. Preschool; 4. Adolescence; 4; Children in adolescence have been able to take on a lot of responsibilities. When my sister was seven years old, I was four years old and my brother was more than one year old. At that time, my sister had already cooked for me and my brother. How many 17-year-old children can cook at home? Our education, especially family education, is a big problem. We should consider how to control children in a state where children can not take responsibility At different ages of children, how can we educate and cultivate them, how to interact with them, how to communicate with them, and really implement our ideas on them, especially for their healthy growth.

On the issue of how to communicate with their children, many parents say that I want to communicate with their children and do not pay much attention to whether the children want to communicate with their parents. The problem of many children is that parents are particularly eager to educate them. They want their children to grow up into talents in one day. They ask too much for their children, and the methods are too simple for them to accept. Many children who are tired of learning have to confront their parents fiercely in their adolescence, and the parents should bear the main responsibility.

A child loves to learn, and has a healthy learning psychology. It is only when he does housework that he is conscious of doing housework and his way of communication is calm.