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The purpose of men's request for premarital love test

It is becoming more and more common that men and women have premarital sex when they are unmarried. Moreover, according to relevant investigations, it is often men who ask for premarital sex on their own initiative. So what is the real purpose of the men's all day long begging for love in marriage?

Identify whether the other party is a virgin

In love, it is understandable that most men ask for premarital sex, but the specific situation still needs to be analyzed in detail. Generally speaking, men require premarital sex for the following three reasons:

First, identify whether the other party is a virgin

In modern society, although virginity is not a commendatory term, almost every man wants to marry a virgin, and there are still many men with virginity complex. Based on this complex, to ensure that they can find a virgin to go home, some men will ignore the repeated opposition and refusal of the woman, and try their best to rack their brains and ask them to try their best.

Men's virginity complex is understandable

If you try to be a virgin, everyone will be happy and get rid of your worries before marriage. If you try not to be a virgin, you can make plans again and even avoid breaking up. In short, they are not allowed to take any risk to marry a non virgin home. The more open the society is, the less virgins there are, and the more they want to eat this' reassurance '.

In this regard, our view is: perhaps the virginity complex of men is understandable and even pitiable. However, it is extremely sad and shameless to ignore the feelings of the woman, and to engage in self-interest, even despicable conspiracy.

I can't wait

Second, because of interest, can't wait

I've always believed that men who have not experienced sex are not mature. Because they can't feel how a woman should be caressed by a man from some details of their feelings and communication. This kind of caressing is not only for something but also for inaction. It is a kind of debauchery and endurance, it is gentle and savage.

Love makes them rational

And for a woman who has not married you, and has not thought about it or is unwilling to give her body to you, it may only be caressing, understanding and patience.

In our opinion, if we do this, it is even more a kind of love. It makes them become rational, can suppress Fang Gang's interest, become forced but can wait, and become able to balance desire and responsibility. The latter maturity is far more reliable, long-term and energetic than that obtained only by sexual behavior.

Think only give him, is really love him

Third, think that only give him, is really love him

To tell the truth, I still don't understand such a fallacy popular on the network -- love him and give it to him. So I can't help but ask: is it difficult for a woman to fall in love with a man, she must give her body before marriage, before he can't give her any security at all? I think it's illogical and illogical, isn't it? There's no love for no reason in the world, let alone give it for no reason.

Anything to pay, only willing to be reliable

Anything to pay, only willing to be reliable, only when it is natural to be true. Otherwise, it is immoral and ridiculous to impose or force on others.

Here, I want to say to all the men who hold this idea: if you really love her and want to get her, then treat her well, treat her sincerely, solve all her worries, dispel any worries in her heart, and let her be willing to give it to you without hesitation.