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Is your house healthy enough

Are you an "otaku man and otaku woman"? Do you know what a otaku is? Because most of them are single, and most of them were born after the 1980s. They rely on computers, indulge in the Internet, like to indulge in their own world; rarely go out, do not want to contact with strangers, and their character is more or less two-sided; the working and rest time is not stable, and a few people do not want to go to school and work.

In fact, this kind of psychology is very dangerous, which will cause social degradation, psychological retreat and self-protection. It is difficult to have a practical self-evaluation. It may be too low self-esteem or arrogance. It may also lead to the decline of social ability, weak interpersonal relationship, poor social adaptation, etc.

So, for people who are used to this kind of life, what should they do if they want to change?

Start with small things in life

For example, try to go shopping occasionally, don't rely entirely on online trading; reschedule your work and rest time, don't stay up late or sleep late all the time; when you finish something, give yourself appropriate rewards to increase self-confidence.

Think about your life goals?

'home life' is just a way of life or a state of existence, which is not the ultimate goal of life for anyone. Everyone's heart has a kind of power of self-development, with all kinds of expectations and desires for life. Try to listen to their inner voice, slowly inspire the desire for change, and believe that they can and have the ability to change.

Using psychological age to improve interpersonal relationship

Good interpersonal relationship comes from self-awareness and acceptance, from the communication and understanding of others. As long as you treat people sincerely, have a friendly heart, learn to smile, be willing to constantly recharge, expand your knowledge, dare to open up and express yourself, you will meet many friends and confidants who really appreciate you and understand you.

Take part in some physical exercises actively

relieve stress

For example, walking, jogging, swimming, exercise can improve the body's function, perception and control, increase blood circulation, regulate heart rate, improve the body's oxygen content, strengthen the body and at the same time relax the mood, relieve pressure, and improve energy. When you get used to the pleasant feeling brought by sports, your life style will change unconsciously.

More outdoor walks

Go outside and feel the fresh air and bright sunshine; if conditions permit, make several travel plans and travel regularly, which can not only expand our vision, but also make us love life more and know how to cherish and appreciate.