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What methods can reduce psychological stress?

What methods can reduce psychological stress? Excessive mental stress often leads to various diseases, or makes people form some bad habits, such as smoking stuffy cigarettes, overeating, etc. these situations are either fatal or will evolve into fatal diseases. After work, in addition to reading, talking, watching TV at home, going out to KTV, sleeping, outing, sports and online chat, what can we learn from abroad?

Psychological decompression method commonly used in France: exercise to reduce Qi

In France, a new industry has emerged: Sports degassing center. There are professional coaches in the center to teach people how to shout, twist towels, hit pillows, beat sofas, etc., and do a kind of 'decompression and degassing exercise' with a large amount of exercise.

Common psychological decompression method in Britain: watching horror movies

Some experts in the UK believe that people feel pressure at work because of their sense of responsibility for work. At this time, what they need is to cheer up and encourage them to face stressful situations by 'fighting poison with poison', such as watching a horror film.

Common psychological decompression method in Europe and Japan: smelling sesame oil

An aromatic decompression method is popular in Europe and Japan. The essential oil extracted from fragrant grass or other plants can stimulate or calm the nerve cells of the limbic system of human brain through the olfactory nerve, and can help people relieve nervous tension and psychological pressure.

The common psychological decompression method in the United States: eating snacks

When food comes into contact with the skin of the mouth, on the one hand, it can transmit sensory information to the brain center through the skin nerve, so as to produce a kind of comfort, so that people can eliminate their inner pressure through contact with external objects; On the other hand, when the mouth touches food and chews and swallows, it can divert people's attention to tension and anxiety, and generate another excited area in the feeding center of the brain, so that the nervous and excited area can be inhibited, and finally relax the body and mind.

In fact, these decompression methods only play an auxiliary role, and the real decompression must change their cognition so that they can really 'put down' from their hearts.