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How can severe premarital anxiety be relieved?

How can severe premarital anxiety be relieved? How is anxiety disorder before marriage to return a responsibility? What is the cause of premarital anxiety disorder? How to relieve premarital anxiety? Many couples have different degrees of anxiety before marriage. How to alleviate the anxiety before marriage?

Because people who are about to get married understand that their relationship will change qualitatively after marriage. It is precisely because of the strong contrast between before marriage and after marriage that some people will have a kind of anxiety and uneasiness about their future marriage life before marriage, that is, pre marital anxiety. Generally speaking, the following kinds of people are more likely to have premarital anxiety: the first is the people who are too adapted to premarital free life. They are used to living freely and enjoying it. They worry that once they get married, they will lose their freedom, narrow or even close their social circle, so they unconsciously have a sense of fear.

Secondly, people with anxiety personality characteristics. They are usually easy to worry about all kinds of things in life, and they are easy to worry about such a major event as marriage. They will worry about the possible conflicts in marriage in advance. Of course, there are also some people with a weak sense of responsibility. They are immature, dependent and poor in living ability, so it is difficult to take care of their personal life. For the coming marriage and birth, they should not only care about their spouse, but also take care of their children. It is difficult for them to imagine what they should do at that time. So before they get married, their anxiety must be very strong.

For this part of young people with premarital anxiety disorder, it is better to leave a period of sufficient time for reflection and appropriate psychological adjustment. First, find out the reasons for their anxiety, according to different reasons, to choose the corresponding strategy. At the same time, you can also frankly tell your lover about your anxiety and get his understanding and help. In particular, you can talk about the arrangement and imagination of married life with your lover, and have some psychological preparations and plans for married life. This can reduce a lot of anxiety about marriage. In addition, you can read more professional books or materials related to the wedding, and learn to master some specific life skills in advance, so that the anxiety before marriage can also be reduced.

Marriage is a thing that no one can tell. What you feel is what you feel. As in nature, there are all kinds of flowers, red, yellow, white; Three petals, five petals, seven petals & hellip& hellip; You can't say which kind of flower is the flower, what you don't like is not the flower. Therefore, you can not say what kind of marriage is a good marriage.

Many seemingly unworthy, unequal, disharmonious and unhappy marriages are actually good ones. When someone says to us, 'I've been married for forty years, and I've been fighting for forty years.' Then, we should bless him and add: "we have loved and been happy for 40 years at the same time!" A bad marriage can't last 40 years, a marriage without love can't quarrel for 40 years!