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Is there a psychological explanation for the decline of women's IQ in love?

Is there a psychological explanation for the decline of women's IQ in love? Core tip: the thinking, language and action of a woman in love are disordered. It's no exaggeration to say that such a woman's IQ is zero.

Men without career and women without love have nothing. For men, love is important, but it is not the whole of life. Therefore, men in love are more rational and intelligent. Once a woman encounters love, she will be monopolized by love involuntarily -- for her, love is everything. A woman in love has a disordered state of thinking, language and action. It's no exaggeration to say that such a woman's IQ is zero.

One proof: men should think about themselves all the time.

On the platform, a couple were inseparable. The girl cried and asked, "will you miss me?" The boy nodded, and the girl asked, "what do you want me to do?"

If a woman falls in love with someone, she will take it for granted that a man will love himself just as a woman loves him. However, men have little contact with women's real feelings and thoughts. As long as a woman leaves a man, a man can immediately get on well with another woman, but it can't be said that a man doesn't love the woman who leaves. Therefore, a woman should not expect a man to think about himself all the time. Maybe, sometimes in his heart, you are inferior to your boss, a falling stock or a ball game. As long as you can feel his love around you, you should be satisfied.

The second evidence: entangle an old and stupid question, mother and girlfriend fell into the river at the same time how to do?

A woman is very keen on this problem. She certainly doesn't want to hear a man say that he will save his mother first, but she doesn't want a man to say that he will abandon his mother and save his girlfriend first. Anyway, it seems that the men who are very embarrassed at this time are especially enjoyable for women.

Women may not know that this problem can only put men in a dilemma and then lie. If you want to prove how important you are in a man's heart, why do you have to compare with a man's mother? You know, all men in the world firmly believe in the saying that all fathers are fake, but only one mother. What about other women?

Proof 3: am I beautiful or my ex girlfriend beautiful?

Women always like to compare with men's ex girlfriends. Can't the facts tell us everything? Now that a man has chosen you, it means that you are more suitable for him than his ex girlfriend. Questioning over and over again only proves that he is not confident. On the contrary, it will make a man re-examine his choice.

Proof 4: is it friends or me that matter?

Once in love, men lose their freedom. In order to show her 'first and only' status, women always like to dominate a man and let him betray his relatives. They can't have friends or have their own circle and life. It's better to be a 'lone family'! In fact, no man nowadays would give up a forest for a tree?!

Fifth evidence: 24-hour monitoring.

What's different from the above is that women in love want to swallow men. Every day, they are happy to check every SMS, phone number, website and chat message of men's mobile phones. All that's left is to put undercover agents around men. In a word, they regard men as their personal belongings.

In fact, women's distrust of men has set the stage for their future marriage. Many unfortunate marriages begin with mutual suspicion between husband and wife.

Proof 6: do you love me or not? Or how much love is there?

In this world, it seems that women only like two things, men say 'I love you' and men give the diamond ring. Therefore, since it is impossible to give a diamond ring every day, do you love me How much do you love me? " But you can ask n times a day and enjoy it.

In fact, many women don't understand that the expression of 'love' in a man's mouth is often inconsistent with the expression of true love in his heart. That is to say, a man likes to let the other person feel his love rather than 'hear'. If a man opens his mouth and says' I love you ', then he must have other intentions.

The seventh evidence: materialize the emotion, how deep the love is, how big the diamond ring is.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that one of the two things women like is the diamond ring, which is actually a 'show' used by women to show off. A woman in love is not so much keen on "basking" happiness in front of others as to show off. However, feelings can not be quantified, so women often verify their happiness index through various gifts given by men.

A woman who keeps up with the Joneses and likes to be vain can only make a man unable to do what he wants, and then retreat, because to satisfy a woman's vanity is undoubtedly to put on shackles to himself. Once a man thinks that the long road of marriage in the future will bear so much pressure, he might as well say goodbye now.

Proof 8: the wolf is coming!

Here comes the wolf-- The ending of the fairy tale is known to all, but the woman in love is going to stage the real version of the wolf again and again. Today, I said that I fainted on the road. When the man came, the woman was not only safe, but also laughed at the man who was in a panic; Tomorrow, he said that there was an accident on his way to work. The man left his job and rushed to the scene of the accident. However, he saw that the woman was eating ice cream gracefully... Even, the woman secretly bit the man's ear and said that she was pregnant with a man's child, which made the man scared and scared. Finally, when he learned that it was a woman's joke, the man wanted to give the woman a mouth!

Women's "fake play" has to force men to "really do it". Such women are very annoying.

Proof 9: let's break up!

Women feel like they need to control men. "Let's break up!" It seems to have become an assassin's mace.

It's OK for a woman to get angry, cry or even lose her temper when there are conflicts between lovers. However, it's not easy to say the word 'break up' unless the woman has made a decision. A woman who often talks about "breaking up" can only make a man feel that he lacks confidence in this relationship and even wants to give up. Isn't that contrary to a woman's original intention?

Proof 10: sleeping with you, you are responsible for me.

What is responsibility? Is this the pressure of a lifetime? We are all adults, and there is no reason for anyone to coerce us. Since the feeling is strong, it is natural for both sides to sublimate their feelings to a better level. When women say such words, it will undoubtedly cast a shadow on men's hearts, and even make people doubt women's motives.

Don't let anyone be responsible for themselves. The only thing you can do is to be responsible for yourself.