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Does eating egg yolk benefit human body more?

Netizen consultation: is egg yolk bad for human body, to eat less, egg white to eat more?

The main sources of nutrients are egg yolk and protein. Therefore, in terms of nutrition, the nutrition of egg yolk is much richer than that of egg white, especially lecithin, which is of great benefit to human health.

But why do people talk about yolk change? The main reason is to see the fat and cholesterol in the yolk. Egg yolk contains not only beneficial high-density cholesterol, but also low-density cholesterol that people talk about. High-density cholesterol can resolve the adverse effects of low-density cholesterol. As for fat, the fat in egg yolk is a good kind of fat similar to olive oil.

On the whole, the advantages and disadvantages of proper intake of egg yolk for healthy people are greater than the disadvantages. In fact, both fat and cholesterol are essential nutrients for the human body. Cholesterol is even an important raw material for the formation of cell membrane and synthesis of hormones. Without cholesterol, it is impossible to maintain the physiological function of the body, but people's unreasonable intake is the problem. There is no unhealthy food, only unhealthy eating, isn't it?