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Losing weight can't lose nutrition and health

How can we lose weight healthily? Experts point out that healthy weight loss is not to lose nutrition and health. There are too many people in the entertainment circle who do not hesitate to take fat absorption, medicine to lose weight, or even eat Ascaris lumbricoides to lose weight in order to slim body. These are unhealthy ways to lose weight. Experts appeal that weight loss should not lose nutrition and health.

A healthy diet is made up of a variety of healthy diet foods. Each type of food can not be replaced by each other.

First, we should pay attention to the diet nutrition health, weight loss fair collocation. After autumn, the appetite is getting better and the amount of food is also increasing. At this time, we should try not to eat animal fat, such as fat and meat; eat less vegetable oil food, such as peanut, pine nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, healthy weight loss, etc., properly control the intake of staple food, do not eat too much; eat vegetables, fruits and other low calorie, nutritious food.

Generally speaking, it takes 3-4 hours to digest solid food in the stomach (so we usually need 3-4 hours after we are full to lose weight before we are hungry), while fruit takes half an hour to digest. If we eat first, then drink soup, and then eat fruit after eating according to the traditional eating habits, the bottom of the meal has not yet been digested, and the soup and water clip will be in the healthy weight loss room If there is no way to supply water to the body, the brain will send out the message of thirst and let you drink water all the time. However, this healthy weight loss can only quench the thirst in the mouth, but not the body's thirst.

The real weight loss is not you in the short term or do not eat healthy weight loss, one of the things can be successful, we must persevere, maintain a good living condition, have a balanced diet, adequate sleep, appropriate exercise, this is a great help to lose weight.