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[skin pruritus in winter] what about skin pruritus in winter

With the arrival of winter, there are more and more patients with skin pruritus in the clinic. Many patients will ask the doctor how my skin is so dry, peeling and even itching. As soon as the patient takes off his clothes and pants, he will see a lot of small white dandruff falling from his body, and there will be no skin lesions after scratching. We call this disease 'skin pruritus' in medicine. In winter, it is windy and dry, which is easy to hurt Yin. The extract can not nourish the skin, which can cause dry skin, scaling and itching. So we often see skin pruritus in winter. So what should we pay attention to in prevention?

First, pay attention to moisturizing. The bath water temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long, the bath should not be too frequent, or even try not to use soap, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin sebum membrane, and the skin will be very dry if it can not be nurtured. After taking a bath, you should apply skin cream in time.

Secondly, frequent use of air conditioning, heating, or frequent going out (walking against the wind on windy days) will make the skin more dry. Therefore, the use of humidifier indoors can alleviate the discomfort caused by drying and help the skin recover moisture to a certain extent.

Thirdly, the diet should be light. Do not eat spicy food. Spicy food can also hurt Yin fluid and make the skin dry and itchy. At this time, you can take more foods that nourish blood or Yin, such as jujube, black sesame, etc; Even add medlar, angelica, Ophiopogon japonicus and other traditional Chinese medicine to the stewed soup to help nourish Yin liquid.

Finally, it belongs to the kidney in winter, and the kidney is mainly sealed. At this time, the body fluid can not reach the skin, so the skin will be dry. In terms of health preservation, traditional Chinese medicine advocates nourishing Yin in autumn and winter, so in winter, we should have less sex, go to bed early and get up late, which can play the role of nourishing kidney essence and make the skin moist and smooth.

How to treat winter skin pruritus with traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of skin itching include the following aspects: Damp heat, exogenous wind evil, beating on the skin; Vegetarian blood fever, generating wind and itching; Blood deficiency, wind dryness, skin loss of nourishment. For skin itching caused by external infection, it is advisable to dispel wind and expel cold, which can be recuperated with ergua shredded pork soup; For skin pruritus caused by blood heat, it is advisable to clear heat and cool blood, and Yinhua mung bean drink can be used for recuperation; The skin itching caused by blood deficiency should be cured by nourishing blood and moistening dryness, which can be nursed by mulberry honey.

In addition, living habits should be improved:

It is important to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables and replenish water. At night, the elderly are afraid that it is inconvenient to drink more water, so they can formulate their own water drinking standards. For example, drink more during the day and reduce an appropriate amount at night.

Strengthen the usual diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as lean meat, animal liver, spinach and bean products; Eat more foods with the functions of strengthening the spleen and lungs, nourishing blood and moisturizing the skin, such as jujube, lily, tremella, peanut, milk, etc; Eat less cold, hot and spicy food and drink less. Keep a good mood and develop good living habits.

It is worth mentioning that underwear should be kept clean, soft and loose. It is best to wear cotton underwear instead of clothes with chemical fiber components, because it is easy to generate static electricity and dry the skin.

When the air conditioner is turned on in winter, the indoor temperature should be controlled at 16 ~ 20 ℃ and the relative humidity should be maintained at 30% ~ 40%.

I believe you can maintain your skin according to the above methods, and your skin will be smooth and beautiful in winter.