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Winter nutritional porridge what porridge to drink in winter is better

Many people like porridge, but how much do you know about 'porridge'? When winter comes, how can you make the most of yourself by eating porridge? Here, nutrition experts recommend two nutritious and delicious porridge to let you have a warm winter.

Mutton porridge

Raw materials: 3 ~ 5 liang of fresh refined mutton and an appropriate amount of Japonica rice.

Preparation: wash the mutton, cut it into pieces and cook porridge with japonica rice.

Function: replenish qi and blood, replenish deficiency and damage, warm the spleen and stomach, and apply to deficiency of Yang Qi and loss of Qi and blood.

Jujube porridge

Take 50g red dates and 100g japonica rice, cook them together as porridge, and take them warm in the morning and evening. Jujube has a good tonic effect and is of great benefit to the growth and development of children. In particular, it has a peaceful nature and can nourish blood and calm nerves. It is suitable for those who have been ill for a long time and have weak spleen and stomach function. (people with internal heat and dental caries should eat less red dates to avoid getting angry)

Sihai Xiaobian reminds: in order to develop healthy eating habits, we need to do everything in life. Misfortune comes from the mouth and disease comes from the mouth. In order to stay away from disease and healthy body, we should always pay attention to how to eat healthily. To learn more about healthy eating, please pay attention to health channel.