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What are the folk recipes for vitiligo diet? Vitiligo patients how to diet conditioning?

What are the folk recipes for vitiligo diet? Vitiligo patients how to diet conditioning? Vitiligo is a common acquired depigmentation skin disease; Its pathogenesis may be related to the lack of nutrition in local skin, especially the lack of trace element copper. Nowadays, patients with vitiligo can also use other skin care in their life while receiving treatment. This can relieve skin symptoms; Faster increase the incidence of patients. So, what are the dietary remedies for vitiligo?

Vitiligo diet recipe 1: psoralen wine

Soak 60 grams of psoralen into 500 ml of liquor and soak for 5~7 days. Drink 15 ml of psoralen on an empty stomach every morning and evening. In addition, 30g of psoralen was added to 100ml of 75% alcohol, soaked for 5 ~ 7 days, and filtered with double-layer gauze to obtain dark brown filtrate. Boil the filtrate and concentrate to 30ml. Apply concentrated psoralen alcohol to the vitiligo area, bask in the sun for 10 ~ 20 minutes, once a day for more than half a month. Psoralea corylifolia belongs to traditional Chinese medicine for tonifying the kidney and helping Yang. It contains coumarin derivatives, which are photosensitive. It can be taken orally or coated on the skin. After sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, it can promote the regeneration of local skin pigment.

Folk recipe for vitiligo diet II. Sulfur tofu

Grind it into very fine powder with 2G sulfur, mix it with half a kilo of tofu, and eat it once before going to bed. For two weeks. Sulfur is a natural sulfur ore. do not use purified sulfur. It has the functions of Warming Yang, relieving diarrhea, detoxifying and beautifying. Eat it with tofu to prevent it from getting angry. The protein, amino acids and vitamins contained in tofu can nourish the skin. The author once treated a middle-aged woman with vitiligo on her face and hands for more than 3 years. After taking sulfur tofu for two weeks, all vitiligo disappeared.

Vitiligo diet recipe III. fig leaf

Take ripe fresh figs and eat 3 on an empty stomach every day; In addition, take 100g fresh fig leaves, fry in water and concentrate into 30ml. Wipe the vitiligo area with a cotton ball and bask in the sun for 10 ~ 20 minutes. A photosensitive substance is isolated from fig leaves, which can make the skin produce pigment under the action of ultraviolet light, so as to play a role in the treatment of vitiligo. Fig is the fruit of fig, a mulberry plant. Its juice contains trace element copper and anticancer components.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what are the folk prescriptions for vitiligo dietotherapy. More topics about vitiligo dietotherapy conditioning methods will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!