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Can pregnant women eat instant boiled mutton affect the fetus?

Can pregnant women eat instant boiled mutton affect the fetus? Can pregnant women eat instant boiled mutton? Can you eat mutton during pregnancy? Is it good for pregnant women to eat instant boiled mutton? Experts suggest that pregnant women should try not to eat or eat less instant boiled mutton for the sake of fetal health.

According to the inspection and determination of relevant departments, the infection rate of Toxoplasma gondii in sheep is 61.4%, pigs is 0.6%, cattle is 13.2%, geese is 35%, and dogs are particularly surprised, up to more than 70%. Toxoplasma gondii larvae often hide in the muscle cells of these infected animals, which can not be seen by the naked eye. When people eat hot pot, they are used to put the fresh and tender meat slices into the boiled soup and eat after a little scalding. This short heating can not kill the Toxoplasma gondii larvae parasitic in the meat slice cells. After eating, the larvae can pass through the intestinal wall in the intestine and spread to the whole body with the blood.

Pregnant women have no obvious discomfort during infection, or only have symptoms similar to cold, but larvae can infect the fetus through the placenta. In severe cases, abortion, stillbirth, or affect the development of fetal brain, resulting in malformations such as small head, large head (hydrocephalus) or anencephaly. Therefore, relevant experts warned that in order to make the fetus develop healthily, pregnant women should not eat hot pot. When even children eat, they must cook the meat thoroughly.

After reading the above, do you think eating instant boiled mutton for pregnant women will affect the fetus? I should know more about this problem. Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce it in the next article. Welcome to check it. Wish you a happy life!